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truck that overturned on eastbound 70. we still have all lanes closed in the eastbound direction until the patapsco river bridge. it has been up writing, but the closure remains in effect. you are forced off at southbound 29. watch for heavy delays back heavy 40. you can see the delays from wilkins because of an accident on the outer loop. cold spring at loch raven, another accident. that one is still taking up the right lane. you can see the delays forming. northbound 83, another accident. it is a very busy rush. flooding will be an issue. leave extra time. 70 at 29, traffic on the westbound getting by fine. eastbound, nothing at all. wilkins avenue is the accident scene. you can see two lanes getting by. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the big story is the rain and lots of it. several inches are expected to fall in our area. state >> agencies and utilities are ready to spring into action. jennifer franciotti is live and fells point with more on the story. >> the nice thing is we have seen city crews coming by. they come by with their flashing yellow lights. they are monito
, working an accident in anne arundel county. that's going to be route 100, eastbound at executive park drive, a single car into the guard rail. we're looking good. here is the beltway at greenspring, light volume, no incidents on the map. we're looking good so far. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> an investigation is underway into an apartment fire that happened in howard county. one woman died in this fire. abc 2 news linda so joins us with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: megan, a woman was found dead in that apartment but police don't know at this time how she died. they say her injuries were not related to the fire. investigators are trying to find out why a man who was also found in the fire is in critical condition. the victim's mother told us her daughter divorced the man but he became homeless and she was helping him temporarily. had he a history of a bad temper. the victim had four children ranging from high school to as young as 6. the man, we're told, is the father of the youngest child. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the 6000 block of majors lane in
of the morning, 70 eastbound closed at route 29 because of an overturned tractor-trailer. they hope to have this reopened by perhaps 8:00 in the morning, but really that means no access to the beltway from the point of this crash. all the traffic being diverted onto route 29 southbound, a lot of heavy volume on 40 eastbound as well, expect it to be a slow ride towards the beltway. jamie, back to you. >>> other news of the day: we have breaking news here. tony kurtis passed away last night. appeared in such movies like some like it hot, operation petticoat and spartacus. he was 85 years old. >>> in other news this morning: a body recovered from the waters off of new york city is believed to be that of a rucker student who went missing last week after a sex tape featuring him was posted online. his roommate sent a video of him live to the internet and tweeted about it. students this morning are stunned. >> it is kind of scary a little bit, knowing that your face and personal privacy could be invaded and could be accessed by millions of people. >> police have arrested darun robby and a friend
from the carquinez bridge to the maze but eastbound we have road work to be on the lookout for. the ramp to eastbound 4 is closed until 6:00 this morning. san mateo we have a freeway closure for road work northbound 280. the ramp to eastbound 92 also closed until 6:00. a water main break in san francisco. it's 101 southbound right past highway 1. there's water in the right lane there. this is due to a water main break in the cemetery. it's not causing problems now. eric. >> megan, thank you very much. 5:08. if you're traveling for labor day, get ready for company. the big increase. a proposed fare hike and reduced service seems bad? caltrain warns riders it could get worse. the feature that let's you know who's logging into your navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you'
. let's give you a live view of traffic. nothing getting by in the eastbound direction. we will keep you posted. heavy delays in the eastbound direction. westbound 50 at the severn river bridge. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it is a nasty outside. heavy rain and wind it expected to continue all day long. >> jennifer franciotti joins us live from fells point with the latest. we can hear the rain. >> i think god was on cue there. the rain got even heavier, which is ironic. just within the last 15 minutes. this is not the worst. the worst is yet to come. we are about ready to see a city crew come by. they are monitoring the situation in fells point. this is one area that is prone to flooding. on wednesday, this storm was being tracked. work crews in baltimore city yed to clear the storm drains. annapolis is well aware of the flood prone zone. they started sandbagging downtown. b.g.e. took a proactive approach to the storm. they have extra crews on standby in anticipation of power outages. >> the concern is the high wind. that can bring down the trees. with be heavy canopy today
on 70 eastbound. that's between u.s. 29 and the patapsco river bridge. they hope to have did cleared by 8 a.m. traffic is being detoured with a backup to baltimore national pike. watch for an accident on the beltway that one will be on the outer loop at 795. a car spun out there. the second accident involving a police vehicle on the outer loop approaching the jfx on 83. there's an accident there. another one in randalls town at liberty road. one at loch raven and one in anne arundel route 4 at talbot road. flooding at eastern boulevard and martin boulevard. a live look at your drive times and your speeds, down to 21 miles an hour on the west side outer loop, big delay there is. in the because of the weather but because of the accident. there's a live look at 70. no eastbound lanes get beg because of the accident at 29. there's a look at the west side at old port road. remember, wjz 13 is always on. so for traffic information anytime, log on to >>> the rain is obviously what people are talking b right now the majority of the state is under a tornado and flood watch. website -
eastbound 37 to columbus parkway which i am standing on right now remains closed. making progress getting this on medicare but there is diesel that spilled when the truck overturned feared that may prevent them from opening it sooner than 7:00 a.m. but they are making progress. 7:00 a.m. is a time for opening >> maybe about an hour we will keep an eye on it. not a heavily committed area but a hot spot for the roadway. george could morning. >> it is not likely to have an impact since most of the traffic will be the opposite direction that is from westbound 82 westbound 37 so the traffic heading to these bound columbus parkway really not in the commune directions the that is the good news there. track the rest of the commune as we look at the bay bridge and sir you all for the bridge check no other hot spots for you drive around the bay area looks good at the bay bridge no back up yet or delayed for the west bound ride san mateo bridge expect good conditions here as well we are seeing heavy traffic already in the new direction but no problems across the span or on the approach appeared we w
're blocking all lanes at this point. this is eastbound 80 at berkeley right near university, possibly the end of a high-speed chase where reportedly they were driving up to 100 mph. so we will keep an eye on this and let you know. but eastbound 80 right now could be the hot spot for the morning. this is westbound traffic heading towards the bay bridge. this point no delays in the westbound direction. in fact, you won't find any accidents around the rest of the bay area. eric, kristen, another live shot of the interchange in san jose so elsewhere it is pretty light at this point. eric, kristen. >> all right. thanks a lot, frances. we'll check back on that high-speed chase at berkeley going on near university. 5:08 is our time. >> san francisco students get big financial help for college. that help comes from some pretty deep pockets. next the famous philanthropist who is putting up the money. >> undergoing intense >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> i'm frances dinglasan. take a look at this live shot. several chp units at the scene. there was a high-speed police cha
on this terrible traffic tuesday, lisa baden? >>> looks normal on 95. heading up to 123, delays. on 66 eastbound , as a crashed before 66 eastboundfor 29 centreville, blocking one of the lanes. slow traffic developing out of manassas behind that. let's look at one of the bus lots. there's more action now with bus drivers headed out in fairfax. going to pick up the kids for school. that's a reminder that things have changed for everyone this morning. change is a good thing. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:21, 67 degrees on this tuesday. >>> the story of a nurse and her patient and the extraordinary discovery when she walked into the hospitals will. -- ro9om -- room >> child brides on "the oprah show". [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus
wednesday night into thursday with a great weekend. >>> 66 eastbound is busy. and 20 minutes to your commute with the back up before you get to the exit for the planes. the crash is before haymarket. the left lane is closed and the truck is there. there's a wreck in the hov lane north.and no traffic is moving slowly alice springfield on the left side to the pentagon. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a two-year-old boy is fighting for his life after accidentally shooting himself in the chest. two teenagers face charges. it happened early monday morning along little elliott drive in hagerstown. brianne carter joins us from children's national medical center in d.c. where the little boy is recovering. >> this happened early monday morning after a two-year-old boy found the gun under the bed and began playing with it before it went off. he was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. >> it is sad. >> a toddler from the town is fighting for his life. >> he's just a typical little boy. i never had problems. >> he was critically wounded after finding a load
in baltimore county. there is an accident eastbound 40. watch for that. there are some lane closures traveling eastward. the storms came through last night. a downed tree continues to block blue mountain. rest of the major roadways are in good shape. 11 minutes on the northeast outer loop. several minutes to travel southbound 895 down to the harbor tunnel tolls. things are still in pretty good shape on the west side at old court. this is 95 south of mountain road. moving without the light at this time. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now back to you. >> thank you. the battle over slots in anne arundel county goes low-tech. >> the developer is literally pounding the pavement. jennifer franciotti is live and to explain. >> david cordish is the developer who wants to put in the slots parlor and he has been going door to door to garner support. he is telling anybody who will listen about the plan to generate $400 million for education in the first year and the creation of 4000 new jobs. others have teamed up with the maryland jockey club which wants to push slots elsewhere. if they vote no
dealing with since the birth. 70 eastbound, all lanes blocked between the patapsco river bridge. closed because of an overturned tractor-trailer. state police say they may have that reopened between 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. all traffic is being detoured onto southbound route 29. >>> this one's going to splash us right in the face. >> you can see steady and heavy rain from florida, all the way up. emily schmitt is here with a mess on this thursday. >> it's hard to know looking at all of the rain falling all along the east coast. if people are testing the water. >> it's the first tropical storm i've been in, it's kind of cool. >> reporter: or if the water is testing them. north carolina's governor declared a state of emergency after wilmington had at least 18 inches of rain since sunday. four months worth of water in 100 hours. one inch more will top a record set by hurricane floyd a decade ago. for landscape businesses it's disappointing. >> four days of sitting in the house doing nothing. >> reporter: for others, it's disorienting. >> normally i was swinging around to go through this box here
and a downed tree blocks the right lane at 40 eastbound at newwood drive. no problems around the jfx, 95 corridor. at least southbound is looking ok between the beltway approaching the fort mchenry toll plaza. eight minutes there. this is the beltway at pulaski highway. very light volume, no problems around 695. back to you. >>> 5:00. the father of two young children is dead. those who know him heartbroken. gerard grant was run over by a driver. that driver never stopped. this crash happened over the weekend on erdman avenue in east baltimore. there's a map of the area. sherrie johnson joins us in the studio with more on the police investigation. >> reporter: good morning. witnesses saw the body flip several times before hitting the ground. 25-year-old gerard grant leaves behind two young daughters. police say there's significant damage to the driver's side of the black mercedes. officers say it was not road rage. neighbors tried to perform cpr but grant later died at the hospital. >> i just want to say to whoever the person is that did this, i just need to you come forward.
boulevard eastbound at dennis avenue, we're affected by an accident where a utility car was struck by a car. they've been working on that throughout the evening and overnight hours. it sounds like they are about to open one eastbound lane and lifting the construction in virginia along the capitol beltway. pat and eun, back to you. >> two women hit by an out of control car in adams morgan are still in the hospital fighting for their lives this morning. now we're learning more about the driver. 23-year-old chamica adams had a blood alcohol level price the legal limit. she was a district shortly before she crashed in front of a restaurant hitting two pedestrians. julia suffered a broken pelvis and severe head trauma, her injuries are said to be life threatening. melissa from france suffered a broken leg and serious head injuries. both are students at johns hopkins university school of advanced international studies near dupont circle. >> it's a horrible tragedy. and we are deeply shocked that this happened and hopeful that there will be a speedy recovery for the students involved. >>> adams ha
county line on the eastbound lanes of route 40. right now looking at our drive times however, no problems around the beltway. looking good from bel air to providence. 95 southbound. traffic starting to build slightly. a four minute ride from white marsh on down. we check our cameras, we are looking pretty good so far here at 83 and warren road. northern baltimore county got hit hard with storms, debris is blocking a couple of intersections. i'll let you know about those in a few minutes. >>> after milton hill was murdered, his daughter said this. i know you are out there i know you are watching me and i'm watching you. you will be uncovered. that scooter? you'll never be able to ride it. he was known as the church guy and he was murdered over his scooter. summer has turned into fall and so far no suspects. >>> it has been almost two months since hill was shot to death behind his home next to the church. people from hill's community are doing something about it. the neighborhood playground has been cleaned up, they want to get rid of the criminal element that has taken over parts of that a
in howard county. eastbound 100 at the ramp to southbound 95, there is an accident coming in. everything looking good north and southbound 95 in howard county. let's show you some options for that northbound accident. take pulaski highway or route 1, depending on where you're coming from. york road, we have a water main break. eastbound 40, a downed tree. eastbound 100, watch for an accident there. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> good morning. we're moving along pretty smoothly this morning on the marc trains. all three lines, penn, camden, and brunswick lines, are operating on time. light rail and metro subway is also on schedule. the 30 bus has a diversion at light and pratt. there is a diversion at eutaw street. >> we have some cloud cover and a touch of fog in a few neighborhoods. sarah caldwell is chasing crickets in the studio. the to catch him? he got away. he is a big cricket. upper 50's right now. temperatures are not going to move much because of the low clouds. it should break up over the next couple of hours. we
because of downed trees. also reports of an accident route 40 eastbound right there on the baltimore howard county line. as we look at the beltway, however, all of our big roads are checking in pretty much without any problems. no issues around 695 or on the 95 corridor right now. megan, back to you. >>> you dodge a pothole on northern parkway, laws a tire on liberty road. it is no secret baltimore has torn up streets. this area ranks tenth worst in the nation and it is costing you. >> reporter: good morning, that's correct, i'll tell you the potholes are a big pain. baltimore city, they are trying to fix some of the problems. these cones are on the sidewalk right now, but later this afternoon, they will be out in the street as folks are focusing in on the construction. let me tell you it is not enough to counter a report just released that says the baltimore area has some of the roughest roads in the nation. baltimore was ranked tenth in the nation in percentage of roads in poor condition. nationwide 24% of major metropolitan roads are in poor condition. in baltimore, that number al
, we're working a single- car crash eastbound route 100 at executive park drive. as we look at the cameras, it's going to be quiet on the jfx, no problems northbound or southbound. coldspring lane, traffic is still light, moving around the city. we did have another accident reported eastbound on the bay bridge, debris was blocking the right lane. that's been cleared. jamie, back to you. >> 5:32. the president plans to roll out his plan for the economy. the president will be working to reverse his party's popularity problems, but that's a tall order with only eight weeks until the midterm elections. emily schmidt is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: today in cleveland, it's round two. president obama heads to the buckeye state to outline his new plans for a fix. >> this isn't about the next 60 days or the next 90 days. this is about how do we get our economy fully back on track. >> reporter: the announcement comes in the same city where two weeks john boehner described his plan and called on the president to fire his entire economic team. >> we tried 19 months of go
. >>> a commuter alert now in virginia. state police are on the scene of a serious multicar crash on eastbound i-66. officials tell 9 news now all lanes of eastbound i-66 have been shut down after a collision involving at least three vehicles prior to the roosevelt bridge. we are just getting in good news from these motorists. it may not look like it on this shot but parts of the lane are open and some traffic is getting through in the area. fire officials say initial 918 calls indicated the motorist that caused the crash may have suffered an emergency. several victims were transported from the scene. again, some of the lanes of eastbound 66 have reopened but traffic will be delayed for a while there. >>> firefighters are keeping an eye on the burning rubble of what used to be two homes in northern virginia. still winds helped to spread the flames among several houses in manassas near summer lake. kristin fisher has the latest. >> reporter: kathy kennedy can't fight back the tears as she looks at what is left of her home, one day after the fire. >> it was huge. i have never seen something so big. t
. eastbound 66 before you reach 66, left side of the road is blocked. northbound i-95, the wreck we had should now be on the shoulder. >>> a developing story from the white house as chief of staff rahm emmanuel is expected to step down and sources say it could happen this week. emmanuel is reportedly considering running for mayor of chicago. a source close to emmanuel says for final decision has been made. he is apparently looking into how the move and the campaign would affect his family. if he leaves, senior advisor pete oumed rip in-- interim ch of staff. >>> investigators here being for the causes after fire that killed several cattle at a livestock facility in marshall virginia. there were as many as 250 cattle in the facility. most of them got out. we understand investigators have found five cattle dead in the barn. that is much fewer than had originally thought perished. they do expect to find more in nearby fields when daylight breaks. >>> montgomery county police are looking for a rapist this morning. they say a woman was attacked early sunday in some woods near high point drive in g
silver spring. some better news. looks like university heading eastbound at dennis road. that's where -- or dennis avenue i should say, only losing a right lane. drivers are able to get an the crash activity and downed wires by staying to the left. to the outer loop we move and showing you we are filling out between new hampshire to georgia avenue no incidents along the way. next to the district and take you to the maps. some lingering fire activity. this is on anacostia avenue where it meets benning road in northeast dc. 395 northbound, that's how we will wrap it up. you are doing okay until you approach duke street. that's when you will put on the brakes making your way to seminary. now over to andrea. >>> at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama will answer questions from reporters this morning. he hold a press answer conference at 11:00 and you will see it live on >>> robert gates tackles mental health issues today. he will be part of the launch of the national action alliance for suicide prevention. that happens this morning
. this is 50 heading eastbound approaching 197, you lose a right lane because of that ongoing investigation. the big one in virginia, the chain bridge, it's closed until 8:00 apparently due to oning -- 8:00 a.m. due to ongoing bridge construction. use 14th, key bridge or roosevelt as your alternate into the city. 66 heading eastbound, take a look at that. live conditions out here. 234 over to 28 a lot of volume. tracing a lot of taillights. you will be using the brakes from route 50 to 123. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, angie. >>> a water main replacement project in silver spring has turned into a nightmare for one family. this started with an e-mail to 9news. when we showed up friday, a plumber was finishing up replacing expensive fixtures for the third time in less than a year at betsy's house. the problem appears to be that gravel and other debris was coming through the pipes and row inning valves. >> this has been going on since late spring. all summer. one disaster after another. >> the washington suburban sanitary commission says damage to betsy's plumbing will be paid for by the
. the eastbound lanes of university boulevard are blocked because of that. elsewhere around the city, we still have construction on 95 southbound which is going to be blocking the two left lanes. on the beltway around tyson's corner it is being cleared up now. >> 4:31 is your time now. we begin with a developing story from california. at least one person is dead after an explosion and fire ripped through a neighborhood in san francisco. firefighters are still battling the blaze in san bruno. it is about 50% contained. at least 53 homes were destroyed and another 120 were damaged. the explosion shot flames 100 feet into the air. >> it was like an earthquake. and a lot of rattling and the noise was phenomenal. it was so loud. >> at this hour, the cause of the explosion and fire is still under investigation. authorities believe it was started by a ruptured gas line. officials don't know how many people were injured or unaccounted for. crews are sifting through the rubble and burned out homes later today. >> now to our other top story today. one day before the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack
. we will check on when things will clear up. >> we have a couple of accidents just in. eastbound 70 is a busy road. we have an accident reported past route 29. watch for delays there. westbound 100, the ramp from snowden river parkway has now been reopened. we're dealing with a new crash northbound on to 95 near 100. another spot where you could find some slow going. delays on the north side. it will be a slick start. nothing significant on the beltway. still moving pretty good on 95. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. nine minutes on the inner loop from 795 towards 83. no delays as a result of that accident. we will let you know how that evolves. 95 southbound and a little bit of a delay there. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the first casino will open in cecil county a few days earlier than expected. kim dacey joins us with more on the story. >> maryland banned slots in the 1960's. hollywood casino cut the official word last night it will become the first maryland slots casino since a referendum was approved in 2008. hollywood casino got the ok after a trial r
. making it hard to access the on- and off-ramps on eastbound 24. so if you are trying to do that use acalanes as an alternate. not too far from the bart orinda station. eastbound 80 stalled vehicle in the right lane. you can see a little yellow on the screen, traffic sluggish on the skyway there. bay bridge itself checking in problem-free. metering lights are off. no there's as you can see at the toll plaza, everything looks nice this morning. and mass transit is on time. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, gianna. well, our forecast for this morning, heading out the door, here's what you can expect. patchy fog inland with mostly clear skies, partly cloudy conditions with low clouds along the bay and also along the coastline. for the afternoon, temperatures today warmer, sunny skies, warmer conditions, up to the mid-80s inland. mid-70s around the bay with mild temperatures and mostly sunny conditions expected along the coastline from 64 to 67 degrees. today, we warm up, tomorrow even more and the weekend is going to be hot. i have your wee
not changing is the traffic. >> julie has the latest on that. >> let's start off talking about eastbound university boulevard as you approach 29 colesville road, receiving word of this crash involving two met rose buses and this is on the eastbound side back toward the beltway before you reach 29. accident activity here has all of the traffic gridlocked as you work inbound toward 495. out bound toward wheaton, all lanes are open. inner loop of the beltway, showing you the camera coming back. bumper-to-bumper before old georgetown road, traffic squeezing by to the left. that was a jackknifed tractor- trailer. 270 gridlocked, three separate accidents there. standing water reported south of 50 and more delays, 410 out of riverdale into northeast. and backup out of dale city working from newington and springfield toward seminary road. 395 accident reported. a brief break and then back into it at king street and 14th street bridge. capital street gridlocked off of howard road. more trouble ahead of you northbound inside of the third street tunnel with a wreck reported. that's a check of your
drive and the water main break at york and overbrook and winwood and we have problems eastbound 100 an accident on the ramp to southbound 95. taking a look at overall travel times from 83 to 95, moving along well. also, we'll look at 95 south of the chesapeake house. plenty of activity going on. it will be a while before we can get that cleaned up. for the most accurate information available, we'll be to -- we'll go to >> this looks like a case of murder/suicide. a man and woman found dead there. a child made the discovery and we've learned important new information overnight. >> good morning, don and everyone. just hours ago, wjz-13 learned that the two people found dead inside the house had recently been in a heated custody battle four days before being found dead. >> the man and woman were found dead inside the house on the 3700 block of bonny bridge place saturday night. also, living in the house, a 7, 5, and 2-year-old who the neighbors say were outside playing at the time. my son came home and said that the kids heard two, i think, two gunshots and some kids
. and the big thing we are watching, 70 eastbound between 29 columbia pike and the river bridge. it is shut down. all eastbound lanes because of an overturned tractor-trailer. hearing from howard county officials, they are thinking it will be cleared up and out of the way between 5:30 and 6:30 this morning so it will be here throughout the bulk of the morning rush. back to you. >>> be careful what you wish for. remember we were talking about drought conditions in our area and how much we needed the rain? well, howard is here and he has more on how much rain we could get. we didn't need it all at once but we are going to get it. >> i want to focus on southern maryland, south central, calvert, tornado warnings until 4:30. the thunderstorms we were talking about a little rotation. heavy rains. take the doppler if we can. heavy rains with those storms and you see saint leonard, hollywood writ is coming down. the storm is moving north of 35 miles an hour. it has some rotation with it. and this will be the problem when off tropical system and it is sort of a tropical system, not a pure tropical system
. several accidents, including a major one on eastbound route 70, has all the eastbound lanes closed at this time, between rogers avenue and columbia pike, that crash involves a tractor-trailer. 95 southbound, white marsh boulevard, accident blocks the right lane and shoulder. another crash towards caton avenue. on the beltway, however, we're getting world of a crash on the outer loop at green spring, reportedly involving a police vehicle. i was checking the cameras, unable to find that crash as of now, the water's starting to pool, pond, stand, hydroplaning is a definite possibility this morning. try to keep the speeds down around the area. there are definitely hazardous driving conditions at the speed the rain is coming down. >>> you'll need more than your umbrella today. you'll have to find the button in your patience because of all this rain. linda sow is live for us this morning as we're preparing. good morning, linda. >> well let me set the seen for you, we're expecting heavy rain and strong winds all day. that's likely going to bring down trees. some of the trees will bring do
drivers. 70 eastbound in howard county between columbia pike and the river bridge. that's where we have all eastbound lanes closed because of an overturned tractor- trailer. probably like this until 6:30 this morning. as a result of this, you want to use route 40 or 99 as the alternate. take it over to 270. slick road conditions from frederick to the split but no major problems to get there. a water main break in chevy chase. this is willard road between river road and north park avenue. and that's where we have crews on the scene trying to get this under control. avoid the area. in to dc we go. inbound new york avenue, the drive is very wet. take it slow and watch for high water. 95 in virginia, we still are keeping an eye on an accident past 630 near stafford and overall you are doing okay trying to get to that micking bowl. andrea, over to you. >>> as howard told us we are under a flood watch until 9:00 p.m. and jessica doyle is joining us live from alexandria where heavy rain always prompts concerns of flooding. the puddle near your foot is getting deeper, it seems. >> it is indeed
closure in hercules eastbound 80. the ramp to eastbound 4 is closed until 6:00. other road work in hayward. another closure, eastbound 92, the ramp to northbound 880 closed until 5:00 this morning and today is a spare the air day. no delays in mass transited. have a good commute into work. >> no free ride. remember that. 4:41. she said she should get compensation for her pain and suffering. still ahead, why a state board is told to reject the claim of the mother of jaycee dugard. who's to blame, customers or pgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpgpg [ female announcer ] new pillsbury sweet moments molten brownie bowls rich fudge over a warm, chocolate brownie like nothing you've ever had before ready made sweet moments in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] within every pillsbury package is the power to enrich a child's mind. collect pillsbury double box tops for education today. how would i make school field trips to the zoo! more basketballs. soccer balls. and a museum! [ growls ] more basketballs. soccer balls! more books. yeah. like just a ton of books. [ girl ] and boo about soft thi
that to be slowing. eastbound shows some slowing there now as well. and eastbound 580, the other accident in the east bay, golf links road, in its clearing stages, but still eastbound 580 at golf links or 98 as you're coming past the oakland zoo, we have another accident on that portion of your oakland commute. the nimitz freeway, a clear drive so far. >> thanks, mike. >> let's send it over to rob now with a bit of a chilly forecast. >> a chilly forecast. and it could slow down your morning commute in a few spots in terms of the drizzle, making for some damp roads this morning. we have 62 in san jose, southeast wind at 8 miles per hour. san francisco, clearly the drizzle there falling across the golden gate bridge. 61, we've got that west wind at 10. over in oakland, misty skies. low 60s this morning, good, strong sea breeze, west winds up to 21 miles per hour. that's going to keep our air quality just fine today, but what will be surprising for this time of year is this strong system that is dropping, relatively speaking, into northern california. snow levels today in the sierra near 8,000 feet. so
exiting from eastbound interstate 580 on the grand avenue off-ramp at mcarthur boulevard. the truck first crushed a honda and shoved it into other vehicles yesterday afternoon. the driver expressed regret after what happened. >> and hope i can get ahold of people who got hurt. at least say i can say sorry, something, anything. i didn't do it on purpose, you know. but that ruined their day big-time you know. >> i think that everybody is really lucky. i think we're fortunate there was nobody in the backseat of the honda or in some of the other vehicles. i think we were very lucky. >> the truck driver didn't want to give his last name. he's been on the job for ten years. authorities are looking at his driving record but say it's unlikely that any criminal charges will be filed. >> 6:03. the state's highest court is refusing to order the attorney general to defend proposition 8, the state's ban on same sex marriage. backing of the measure had hoped to force the state officials to defend the law during appeals since they may not have the legal
morning, the university boulevard eastbound at dennis avenue is getting better. the accident allows one lane getting by eastbound. westbound all of the lanes are open. utility work will continue because there's a crash that brought down the pole and wires. let's look at what's going on in the beltway. very low volume, not seeing any kind of problems here on the beltway. looks as though things are moving pretty well. we are dealing with road construction on the inner loop around here between 123 and the toll road before you get to the american legion bridge. getting through with possible stoppages that are going to continue until, well probably getting picked up about now. 95 northbound in virginia, seeing everybody moving well but the growing volume. back to you in the studio. >>> we're following a developing story out of northern california this morning where a massive fire ball is still burning out of control in the middle of a residential town in san bruno, a neighborhood south of san francisco. the massive explosion and fire ball destroyed more than 50 homes and killed at least one
. now, in virginia, 66 eastbound, we have a little bit of volume building. approaching the beltway right now, everybody is running at speed. 95 in virginia, we're see something slow traffic northbound from newington into springfield. here we are, 395 north as the volume builds from the beltway up past duke street. 14th street bridge looks pretty good right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> back to the late on hurricane earl now as it continues to track toward the east coast. >> maryland emergency officials are meeting today about a potential to brush ocean city. labor day weekend is a pretty big draw for the hot spot with tourists packing the beaches and boardwalks. d.c. emergency officials say they're expecting minimal impact from earl. however, residents are being asked to prepare for the sort of damage you might see from severe storms including those power outages and maybe even flooding. and virginia is not taking any chances. governor mcdonnell is expected to declare an emergency today that will give national guard troops and state police the chance to position t
? >> not good at all, ladies and tony. if you are traveling eastbound i-70, a fuel spill occurred after the exit for 29. eastbound i-70 is still closed at this point while clean-up continues. new wreck to report on the inner loop of the beltway before you commit to go northbound on 270 at democracy boulevard. this one possibly involving awe jackknifed tractor-trailer. behind me, this is the northbound side of i-95 approaching dumfries. accident activity involving this tractor-trailer. two right lanes are closed at this point. already traffic stacking up out of stafford headed northbound along i-95. two separate accidents now reported in virginia, eastbound 66 before you reach marshall and then before the plains. the pounding of the water, on the left, on the right side of the rooted, in the cent are of the road, it is a mess out there. people are driving too fast at this hour. even though we don't have a lot of volume out there, people are driving too fast to control the vehicle. do keep that in mind. beltway here at old georgetown road, no problems to report on the inner or outer loop of the be
. this is live shot at the silver spring area. you are looking at university heading eastbound. the lanes going east at closed at dennis avenue because of an accident involving a driver running in to a pole and now some wires are on the ground making for a dangerous situation. there's a way to get an it. use randolph road as the alternate. take it to route 4, route 5, 30 or the outer loop. i will take that too. looks like everyone is moving at speed. the live shot at university. a smooth commute between 95 and 270. on 95 moving well between the beltway and shirlington and also to the 14th street bridge. and before that 95 no complaints from lorton up to the mixing bowl. back to you. >> thank you. >>> terry jones called it off. the pastor has agreed not to burn copies of the koran tomorrow oneginsville, florida on the anniversary of 9/11 but there is concerns that he will change his mind. lindsey mastis live from the satellite center. why so much confusion? >> terry jones said the reason the whole thing started is because of plans to build a mosque near the site of ground zero in new york city.
. what we are dealing with is construction eastbound 92 this is going to affect commuters out of half moon bay. it is shut down that connector to northbound 280. that's in effect until 7:00 a.m. again, use highway 1 to head north out of half moon bay. elsewhere check the drive we have a closure until 7:00 a.m. 280 northbound between black mountain and truesdale. you can see some slight delays on the sensors. south 880 not affecting the main lines on the off-ramp. >>> fog and drizzle at the coast and the bay and areas of fog inland this morning. temperatures in the 50s. for this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds expected along the coastline. yesterday a fairly nice day temperatures ranging from 60 to 64 degrees. a little more of the same today. sunshine for most around the bay with highs near 70. mostly sunny and warmer conditions inland. high temperatures in the mid- 80s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. time is 5:07. >>> coming up next, a man shot dead overnight after answering the door. >> also ahead, san francisco one step closer to adding a tax on food
involved two metro buses has westbound university boulevard totally shut down. notice the eastbound traffic is stacking up a bit but still getting by. following police direction, they're able to squeeze by. now over to the interloop from 66. one big, solid jamup. could take you more than an hour. that's because we have that jackknifed tractor trailer. these drivers are getting by only on the left lane. 270 headed southbound, new accident to report. this is at shady grove. it's in the local lanes. as a result of that, we're seeing an add up to the backup on 121. northbound on virginia, it's a crawl from the car rest area up towards the mixing bowl. that stackup only continues once you approach 395 and make your way from the beltway toward the 14th street bridge. >> all right. thank you. >>> u.s. park police officers are also handling a bunch of weather-related problems. sergeant david slosher is on the phone now. where are the big problems this morning? >> right now we seem to be good without too many air problems in our areas. we have anticipating flooding. >> i noticed this morning on my w
heading in eastbound. so give yourself extra time. other than that ace, muni and caltrain no problems. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays to report. in fact, the metering lights ar off. striping finished on the 680 express lanes. double solid white lines and two exit entry points separating carpool lanes between washington and 237 an eight-mile stretch. the remainder will open up next monday on the 20th. so things hopefully will be a little less congested in that area. right now let's check your forecast. here's tracy. >> thanks, gianna. forecast for the morning, out the door, got to head to work, what's in store? well, partly to mostly cloudy conditions. this is not the best part of the forecast. temperatures ranging from the lower to the upper 50s for this morning. for the afternoon more sunshine is expected. mild temperatures. 70 to 81 degrees inland, a mix of sun and clouds around the bay with temperatures ranging from the lower 60s to the lowe 70s. and low clouds in the forecast for the coastline and temperatures cool. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. coming up we'll pinp
it difficult for commuters to access eastbound 24 through there. moraga way is closed between camino pablo and brookwood so use a detour around brookwood then get back on camino pablo to access the freeway on the eastbound side of 24. so just a heads up through there. anne will have more information coming up. we have a sunny forecast on tap. tracy has details. >> yeah, plenty of sunshine, warmer weather. day one. warmup. here's a look at some highs today. lower 80s from concord to livermore, mid-70s in oakland and fremont, 77 degrees in san jose. of 69 in san francisco. the mid-70s in vallejo and san ra fes. over the weekend the 90s. we have your weekend forecast, the seven-day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. >>> pg&e trying to cap that gas line break in downtown orinda. this is the third gas leak in the bay area in the last 24 hours. anne makovec is in orinda and joins us by phone where, ann, main street i understand in the downtown area is closed? >> two blocks of moraga way closed down right in downtown orinda and you can smell gas authorities of downtown. i'm at the ba
an overturned big rig. they have also shut down the eastbound 37 ramp to columbus parkway. again, this will be closed for quite some time this morning. apparently, a fuel spill was reported so caltrans is on the scene mopping things up. i'll get you alternates avoid this area in my next report. right now, let's get your weekend forecast. here's tracy. >> the weekend. did you mention the weekend? >> i did. >> does that mean today's friday? yeah, today's friday and continues continue to warm up. lower 90s in concord, livermore. 87 san jose, 82 oakland. mid-80s vallejo and san rafael, near 90 in napa, santa rosa and san francisco at 79 degrees. day 2 of the warmup. the weekend days 3 and 4 even hotter. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up. back to you. >>> was the pipe that blew up on the peninsula eaten away from within? that's one possibility under investigation this morning. anne makovec is in san bruno where bacteria may have caused the big explosion two weeks ago. bacteria? where did this come from, anne? >> reporter: well, you may remember there was an explosion a very s
for spare the air but you may want to take it if you can. coming off the san mateo bridge, eastbound 92 to southbound 880, they're saying there's a water main break and saying also a couple feet of water in the lanes so look out for that if you're heading south towards fremont, also a car hit a deer northbound 680 past crow canyon and san ramon. that's blocking a lane and an accident in the north bay as well, southbound 101 past highway 116. eric, kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. our time is 5:10. >> the budget stalemate could cost san francisco water users. why the city may be forced to raise water rates. >> the pledge from governor schwarzenegger that csu schools are carrying on to admit thousands of new students for the winter and spring semesters. >> yet another major airline. >> and meat and oil. >> and meat and oil. we'll be mixing it up this our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capito
break. chp is heading to the scene to check it out. it's in hayward eastbound 92 at 880 off the san mateo bridge. a couple of feet of standing water reported in some lanes so we'll continue to watch this area. again chp is not even on scene to give us a look at what it's doing to the commute in the area but at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delay, there was a stall reported just past the metering lights. apparently doesn't have its lights on so kind of a visual hazard so watch out for that but again no big problems heading into san francisco. that's a check of your traffic. let's get another update on -- another hot forecast. even hotter today than yesterday? >> yes. a few locations livermore and san jose, just two locations that are expected to be warmer, hotter today. headed out the door, why today the warmup? well, many of are you starting out warmer this morning than you were this same time yesterday morning so you start out warmer, more sunshine is expected, not surprising that your afternoon highs will be warmer, as well. clear start temperatures as mild as the mid-60s this mo
parkway. >>> we have some debris blocking the left lane on the eastbound span of the bay bridge. no problems really, no delays on the outer loop from 795 to 70. however at liberty road you will see the two right lanes taken away because of road work. that will be reopened hopefully within the next hour. no problems on the harbor tunnel freeway right now. as we look right here at our cameras, you'll see what i'm talking about. you will see cones up. the two left lanes do get by. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> the president signed the bill over six months ago. >>> yeah and starting today, some new healthcare laws will go into effect. what this means for you and your family. >>> the finalist is now selected. find out who will be judging voices on next season of "american idol." >>> child's play in a backyard turned into a near tragedy for a perry hall family. six-year-old luke rossi and his brother were pliing golf when luke was hit in the eye at close range. the impact caused the ice to rip from the white part of the eye. sounds bad, but doctors worked to restore luke's eye. >>
road. in catonsville the eastbound lanes of route 40 at new wood drive. the right lane and right turning lane continue to be blocked because of a down tree and towson, experiencing watermain issues because of a ruptured watermain on york road, that is between overbrook road and winwood road. no lanes blocked at this time. in cecil county northbound 95 at the chesapeake house rest stop. one lane reopened but it's pretty much jammed as you head towards the chesapeake house because of an accident involving a tractor-trailer and fuel spill. back to you. >>> 6:32. people who live in italy have lived there their whole lives. they all know their neighbors. this morning they are talking to neighbors about being left in the dark. they were roughing it this weekend. abc2 news linda so joins us with no pore in -- power in little italy. >> reporter: an underground fire knocked out power to a lot of folks in the area. bge crews have been working since yesterday to restore the power. the hope is to get it back on for everyone sometime this morning. an underground electrical cable sparked the
trees in monkton and they are blocking some lanes. there is an accident eastbound on 40 right at the patapsco river bridge. southbound 295 there is an accident. there is also one in arnold's at cavalier wrote and rugby road. there is a downed tree at monkton road. there is one ala wesley chapel. several problems related to the weather overnight. mountain hill, watch for an accident there in perryville. so far so good on the this portion of the beltway. southbound towards 32 it looks good. this is a greenspring and it looks good in both loops. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. as we get closer to election day, the debate over slots parlors becomes more of a hot- button issue. >> one debate is whether to place a parlor in anne arundel county. jennifer franciotti joins us with the very latest. >> david cordish has been going door to door and has knocked on more than 500 doors and plans to campaign on the weekends and evenings. >> i am david cordish. >> david cordish is a man on a mission. >> i do not know if you know how much revenue is involved. >> and he wan
in an accident. there is a fuel spill. watch for heavy delays. all northbound lanes are closed. eastbound route 40, watch for a downed tree that is blocking the eastbound direction. outer loop looks good on the north side. west side in great shape. about seven minutes down to the torpor tolls. here are some live pictures -- down to the harbor tolls. all northbound lanes are closed on 95 at chesapeake house. pulaski highway ensure all to that. 95 north of chesapeake house, you can see southbound traffic getting by. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a fire in little italy left more than 100 people without power all day long. >> kim dacey joins us with more details. good morning. >> crews have been out all night and they remain on the scene this morning trying to fix the problem. about 40 customers have already had their power restored. the rest will have their power on later today. something went wrong with an underground power cable. some transformers blew. video was shot of the fire. it was a big mess that left dozens of restaurants without power. they reached for flashlights and candl
. moving eastbound. so we'll put a 30% chance that you'll run into a brief shower early this morning. that's your forecast. that far breezy an warm this afternoon with a high temperature around 88 degrees. we come back and check your seven-day forecast going into the weekend for now over to the news desk. >> in this morning's merritt merit. infant and children who don't get enough nighttime sleep could be at risk for obesity later. 1/3 of the children who didn't were obese and a higher b.m.i. al resulted. >> the non-stick cook wear many of you use could be putting your children's health at risk as the compounds are linked to high cholesterol on children and teens. samplals of over ,000 children in addition they looked at the concentration of non-stick cookware and lvl there was a link. and waterproofing material. >> the time is now 5:4 2, 72 degrees on tv hill. a school evacuated in the middle of the day. details ahead. >> and a polling place at towson university. but are students taking advantage of early voting? that's straight ahead. >> we thought yesterday -- more >> we thought yester
is going -o be shutdown..3 ú%county where we're dealing wih another accident that shutdown the eastbound lanes off3 interstate 70. it's an overturred anker truck3 that was carrying milk. itts up right now and it's stilú ú%utdoon anddthe traffic is diverteddto columbia pike. an accident has just cleared atú -e do have a police involvee3 accident along the outer loop at 83. at the west siie of the beltway. here is a look at liberty road where you can see quite a it of a reesonable rate. speeds. if we are trrveling on 95, the crashes has cllared oo the southbound lanes at whitemarshh3 boulevard. wee re dealing with an accident at haavest havre deegrace at ro. patrice, back to you. tte state, governorro'malley has activated maryland's emergency management center. ination did to the rain high winds are expecteddwhich couldú mean power outages along with floodinn. in baltimore, crews spent a lot drains to keep wter levels there are 52,000 storm drains inlets across the city. even though not ll of thee had to be cleared. -aak he ones that theyy o.o >> i feel so bad that the crews have
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